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About Aiman Madany

Tour Guide and Agency Director

Mr. Madany is a highly experienced and licensed Egyptian guide and tour operator. He specializes in private (not big bus) English-language tours and providing a deep experience of Egyptian history and culture. Aiman wants you to be moved by the people and places you see. And he wants your trip to be affordable, comfortable and complete.

Aiman Madany has both a Bachelors and a Masters degree in archaeology. Currently, he is working on a PhD in Egyptology, with a specialty in hieroglyphics. Because of the depth of his knowledge and interest in staying current with historical developments – of which there are many every day in Egypt – Aiman is able to tell the story of Egyptian history in rich and fascinating ways. And, he’s just a really fun guy to travel with.

Mr. Madany has extensive experience working directly with hundreds of international travelers as well as providing services to many tour agencies and groups worldwide, especially in Egypt. When a client wants an in-depth experience in Egypt, they hire Aiman.

Aiman works with people of all ages and physical capabilities. Families love to work with him because he understands the needs of children (he has 4 of his own!) Older travelers love his ability to get them close to the magnificent monuments without taxing their energy. Adventurers enjoy him as he is fit (a boxer) and understands the outdoor activities and experiences they like to have. Both budget minded and luxury travelers value his services. Aiman makes sure all travelers have a magical experience, regardless of what they can afford to spend. And, regardless of your physical condition, Aiman Madany will make sure you have a wonderful time.

Among Aiman’s Egyptology specialties are: hieroglyphic interpretation, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Egyptian Museum (Cairo), Ancient and Modern Egyptian Art, snorkeling and diving, mountain climbing, hiking, and …